Coffee Types

Arabica Coffee

Fresh roasted coffee beans 100% Arabica from the mountain ranges and Elgon slops. Hand picked by our local farmers. roasted and packed by GulaOnline Company. And we deliver to any destination.


Coffee Types


Fresh roast and ground coffee 100% Robusta available in all roast levels Light ,Medium, and Dark roasts. And different grind levels Coarse, Mid-coarse and fine grind. We do deliver order now. It's sou


Coffee Types

Green Beans Coffee

Another advantage of green coffee beans from Vietnam origins is that our green raw coffee beans are good at quality. Central Highlands, our main coffee growing areas, are very suitable for planting

Some of Our Projects

Celebrating Arabica Coffee From The Foothills Of Mt Rwenzori

Uganda joins the rest of the world in celebrating International Coffee Day today in Kasese District with the theme "CELEBRATING ARABICA COFFEE FROM THE FOOTHILLS OF MT RWENZORI".